Monday, March 07, 2005

Switching to Firefox

I have been testing the Firefox browser for almost two months now. I originally planned to use it once or twice a day in order to keep current on its features and so that I could assess its implications for IE, Google, etc. However, since I started testing it I have completely converted. Tabbed browsing is a feature without which I can no longer live. It makes browsing and reading the news much simpler, easier, and more enjoyable by allowing you to load interesting stories and pages seamlessly in the background while you finish reading the current story. You can then proceed to the next, without having to negotiate tens of browser windows. Now, if more sites would support Mozilla/Firefox, I would never need to open IE.

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I totally agree. I have completely switched, even making Firefox my DEFAULT browser. I even hassle sites that don't program for Firefox to get with it. Firefox rules. Better than IE6 or Netscape!
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