Sunday, February 13, 2005

Interview with the Creator of Arrested Development

Arrested Development is the best show on TV right now although its ratings haven't measured up to its reviews. I'm doing my part here to spread the word since Fox seems intent on doing everything it can (pre-empting it every other week, switching time slots, etc.) to destroy a budding audience. That's OK though, it's a show that needs to be watched from the beginning anyway because there are a lot of jokes that reference prior episodes. So start with the DVD of Season 1. Plus, that way, I'll know that Fox counted you (if you are in a Nielsen household, contact me, I have questions).
Meanwhile, the Onion AV club is running an solid interview with the creator of AD, Mitchell Hurwitz:
David Cross didn't want to do television. He really avoided it. We were really lucky, because he really responded... to the money we offered. The script factored into it, but, boy, he really perked up when he heard about the money.
I had developed an idea that was fairly similar, and was kind of a rip-off of a J.D. Salinger short story—it took place in New York with this intellectual family. Then The Royal Tenenbaums came out, and I thought, "Well, that's it, I can't do that anymore." About a year later, I got a call from David Nevins, who's president of Imagine Television. I had worked with him on Everything's Relative. He said Ron Howard had this idea to do a single-camera comedy that was as funny as a multi-camera comedy, which sounds sarcastic, actually.

Why do you insist on trying to ruin me?

Anyone who loves Arrested Development should hope that it goes to HBO or Showtime, where they'll give it room and time to grow, and put it beyond the reach of short-sighted network execs.
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