Monday, February 07, 2005

Former Tripod CEO on Business & Luck

Inc article on former CEO of Tripod. He agreed to a 2yr lockup and his stock went up tenfold during that period. He then sold all his shares once the lockup expired which happened to be in 1999 and near the peak of the Bubble. Wow.
[W]hen smart, inspired people gather around a fundamentally innovative, morally compelling, and philosophically positive company, they work very hard. And when smart, inspired people work very hard, serendipity ensues. Serendipity -- the faculty of making fortuitous discoveries by chance -- causes lots of unexpected things to happen to a company. Some of these unexpected things are good. Some are bad. But because no one planned for the good things to happen, they appear as luck. In other words, the best way to ensure that lucky things happen is to make sure that a lot of things happen. It's really that simple.

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